Custom Cakes

Cakes celebrate an important day, event or milestone in your life - a new child, a birthday, an anniversary. That's why Dulce Creations wants to make sure you have the most amazing cakes to celebrate those moments.

There are endless possibilities when designing celebration cakes. The cakes shown in our galleries below give you a starting point, but they are not intended to be a catalogue.

We want to design a cake unique for your celebration.


Celebration Single Tier Cake
6” 10-15 servings ($125)
8” 20-25 servings ($155)

Celebration 2 Tier Cakes
5” & 6” | 20-25 servings ($165)

Celebration 2 Tier Cakes 
5” & 7” Cake | 25 servings ($185)

Celebration 2 Tier Cakes
6” & 8” Cake | 40-45 servings ($250)

Getting custom cakes in San Antonio is now easier with Dulce Creations. We’re the leading custom cake designers with a proven track record of delivering excellent products for different occasions. Mariana Granados fell in love with baking and pastry before pursuing her studies in this field and eventually starting this business. Mariana’s budding talent and creativity have made her explore cake decorating after completing a few classes and venturing into her new career.

Her passion and commitment to satisfying every customer have made Dulce Creations a leader in providing custom cakes, desserts, and event decoration services. Our team uses high-quality ingredients, skills, and experience to bake unique cakes that stand out on every occasion. What’s more, we select locally made, sustainably produced, and fairly traded products to bake personalized, superior cakes. Trust that the cake you order from us will delight and impress you and your guests.

Special Occasion Custom Cakes in San Antonio, Texas

We bake unique cakes for special occasions, from anniversaries to graduations. We aim to help you enjoy and celebrate special moments with your loved ones with every order. Once you place your order, we create a unique cake like your special occasion.

We can create your cake from a photograph, description, or sketch from on-trend to traditional options. Also, you can pick your choice from our famous cakes. Nevertheless, our designers will work with you to customize your cake and make it genuinely unique.

Our representative is always on standby for cake consultations. We can also provide samples if necessary. Our dedicated cake creators will pay attention to your requirements and review the order to help us deliver a truly custom cake.

What Makes a Custom Cake?

We make a custom cake to order, meaning we personalize it to match your unique needs. What’s more, we personalize this cake to suit your occasion. When ordering this product, you can share your imagination, and we will incorporate all your elements in its design.

This cake is the best option for anyone looking for something exclusive instead of traditional cakes. Ideally, we design custom cakes to cater to our customers’ needs, preferences, and budgets. Our customization options include diversity in colors, flavors, letters, and the overall design. Our skilled cake designers, bakers, and decorators will use their skills to make your product stand out.

Our custom cakes are the latest trend for special occasions, including weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. We deliver creatively baked cakes that make special events memorable.

Use Custom Cakes to Enliven Your Event

When ordering your custom cake, choose experts that understand your needs. At Dulce Creations, we ensure that you know what your money will get you. Remember that cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Also, don’t forget that your cake will occupy the center stage of everything you will offer your guests. Therefore, review and research the available options to pick the best custom cake for your occasion. Most importantly, talk to designers and decorators to understand your cake’s customizations.

We take every custom cake order seriously and aim to exceed our customer’s expectations. Every ingredient can change your cake’s taste, and that’s why some people love strawberry cupcakes while others prefer fruity flavors like orange. Perhaps, you prefer something heavier. In that case, you can go for mocha or chocolate.

Our skilled bakers and decorators can also make sugar flowers for your personalized cake. They can also create custom motifs, designs, and sculptural elements. Perhaps, you can check the pictures of our custom cakes to better understand our techniques and specialization before ordering your custom cake.

What's Inside Our Custom Cakes?

We make our custom cakes from scratch, including frostings and fillings. We also add standard flavors, inscriptions, and scrollwork. We use the best ingredients for baking the best-tasting cakes for our treasured customers. What’s more, we bake cakes that accommodate guests of varying sizes. Your servings can influence your cake size.

A cake for a traditional celebration requires a week’s notice, while a custom cake with good decorations needs a more extended period. Nevertheless, we are always ready to take your custom cake order. Our representative will let you know when your cake will be ready for picking or delivery when placing your order.

Order Your Custom Cakes Today!

Maybe you need a custom cake for an upcoming birthday or anniversary celebration. Perhaps, you want somebody to feel truly special by purchasing a personalized cake for a special occasion. Our decorators and bakers will guide you in selecting a particular cake design, depending on your theme. What’s more, we can use a love message or photo to create a truly unique cake that will make your preferred impression.

Other customization aspects may include size, overall design, and recipe. Dulce Creative wants to bake and decorate your cake as per your preference, taste, and occasion. Our cake artists and designers will transform your ideas into the most magnificent personalized cake. So, please don’t settle for a traditional cake when our experts are ready to create a masterpiece for you. Contact us to order your custom cakes in San Antonio, Texas!